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While we would love to say β€œyes!” to all requests, it is not always possible and sometimes we have to respectfully decline. In order to help make this process as efficient as possible for everyone involved please read the following guidelines below for all donations and sponsorships before proceeding to the application.

What We Support: Organizations supporting community development, the arts, and local events. We can not consider requests for k-12 school functions. We also cannot promote religious or political causes, scholarships, campaigns or candidate endorsements.

Donating Products: Each year we allocate a budget to support community activities, however requests often exceed our annual budget. We welcome all requests for Penguin City swag for fundraising events such as raffles, silent auctions, and other gathers. Please keep in mind that due to Ohio State law we are legally not able to donate beer to anyone. We apologize, but we have to abide by this. We have the right to deny any donation request.

Notice: We ask that requests be submitted at least 60 days prior to the event. Additional time is greatly appreciated, especially for larger events.

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